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The meaning of Fengrise
FENGRISE was derived from the Chinese vocabulary "Feng Qi", the first character means phoenix in Chinese and the second means rising, the whole word literally means the phoenix goes up to higher space, but in Chinese culture, it truely means people with warm heart and kindness will have a bright future and prosperous.
We've been devoting to the field of party decoration for years, and we're now specializing in not just wedding and birthday but Xmas, Halloween,Hen party and Baby Shower as well, All along we believe that with the help and efforts from Fengrise, we can create a romantic, joyful, amazing and unforgettable memory for you.
The founder
In 2010, the man named Robert Xu from Jiangsu Province opened this store Known as FENGRISE. He was a mechanic before, at the age of 40, he joined the e-commerce, that's when this miracle happened. During this time, he gained early retail experience, eventually operating his own variety store. Inspired by the early success of e-commerce, now he has 3 stores, they're FENGRISE, MICROSTAR and MEMCOZY
The history of Fengrise
Within these 7 years, FENGRISE's gone through so many hard times, experienced a lot of business "wars", I call it war because people's been fighting for lower price all the time, and our goal is always to provide better services and high quality products with lower price, that's what we're doing. All along, our value is "make great greater again".